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Mixed Environment

Tracey Penston


Wonder if anyone can help 

We have a situation where we have the Controllers, Storefront etc on Version 7.15 (LTSR) as we have Server 2008 VDA's.

We are now starting to want to introduce Server 2019 VDA's but these are not complatible with 7.15 (LTSR)

Do we need to create a new Site with the later version of Citrix for these 2019 OS VDA's or can we run in a mixed environment.

If mixed, then how do we do this?

Do we have to take Controllers, Storefront etc to the latest Verison and then leave 2008 on the 7.15


Hope this makes sense. Help

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Currently we have the same 7.15 infrastructure,

For Server 2019 we just use the 1906 VDA, and these register fine against the 7.15 DDCs, no new site required.

We did have to create a parallel PVS setup running 1906 to deploy the 2019 servers though.

This setup was at at the suggestion of Citrix.

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