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Netscaler Gateway maxing out throughput

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Is there a way to see what is using all the bandwidth in Netscaler Gateway? We show 207Mbps IN for a VPX 200 but having a hard time being able to look in Netscaler to see what is using it all (like a connection monitor that shows me the rate or packets per second. We did notice that the traffic was on the LAN interface. So this had to be between VDA's and the Netscaler or we should of saw equal amounts on the WAN interface I would think.

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I'm using Hyper-V. After a reboot the throughput went way down and I haven't seen it at 200Mbps again so far. I just find it weird the LAN interface was using all the bandwidth but the WAN wasn't. Also you would think the Netscaler would have a way to see the rate with the connection monitor per IP but it doesn't show that information.

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