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Any way to hang the login until client printers get created?

Nate Erickson


Hi all,


I know this question is going to be kind of out there, but I'm just looking for some other ideas as I'm drawing a blank.  I'll try to be descriptive as I can.


I work for a financial institution.  We are currently working on replacing some ancient serial teller printers with some new USB models.


The issue I'm running into is we only use cut form (putting a slip in to print on, not a roll receipt/journal printing).


The printer driver defaults to journal printing.  Printing preferences are a HKCU key, stored in binary.  I've found a way to set the printer using the printui.dll command line, export the settings to a .dat file, then import the settings for the user by putting it in a .cmd file and putting it in the startup folder (this was the only way to get around the required administrator privileges needed to run but still have it run in the user context as it needs to go to HKCU).


The issue I'm running into is that the printer being used is a client printer.  The client printers get created towards the end of the logon process, but the printer needs to exist for this command to work properly.  The only solution I've come up with so far is to put a wait time in the script so it doesn't run the command until after the client printer gets created.  


I'm looking for ideas for a better user experience, because currently to get this to work fairly consistently I'm using a 20sec wait time, which means the user sees a command prompt box sit on their screen for 20sec before it runs and finishes.  It would be helpful even if there was a way to hold the logon process until the printers were all created (similar to the server desktop wait for printers to be created...anyone know how to get this to apply to desktop OS?) so I could run the command with no wait and not worry if the printers have created yet.

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