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What is the best way to manaage vCPU and vRAM resources in the pool



I was trying to start a group of older Vms to change some settings on them in case someone uses them or clones from them and ran into resource issues.


Obviously I thought it was RAM but it turned out to be vCPUs.



It seems some of my developers just decided that 8 vCPUs was needed on 2 types of servers in our pool and then people cloned from them.


I ended up manually busting all VMs down to 1 vCPU except the database VMs which I left at 2 vCPUs.   Until they can prove they need them there is no use for that runaway vCPU usage considering most of the machines sit idle 90% of the day.


I found the same problem with RAM.  While I feel all Non-GUI Linux VMs (server install) should start with 1 GB and then go from there I witnessed the same problem with a few people grabbing 8GB for the VM so everyone else cloned their VM or duplicated their settings for their similar VM.   I know it makes sense to do that when setting up the environment but it causes usage to get out of control quickly.  I changed all of the 8 GB boxes to 1 - 4 GB and then changed webservers to 2 GB and everything else to 1 GB.


Obviously I have allowed my users control over this but I don't think most of them pay attention to these details, they just clone from a VM they want to start with, rename it, and start using it.



I had to manually change the CPU settings and RAM settings for each of 311 VMs in my pool (although only a third needed changed).  This took hours with the rebooting.


I'm sure there was a better way using command line params but at first I thought I could just change a few quickly.


Has anyone written a script that would do this easier ?  (such as look for VMs that have 8GB allocated and change it to 1-4GB variable, and change anything with 3 or more vCPUs to 2)


I'll re-post if I get any fallout/feedback from my users but I don't think there will be much except in a few rare cases and then they can change it back with my knowledge.


One issue I have when trying to script things in xen is that my Xen names only match my linux hostnames in about 80% of cases.


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