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mcsdif.vhdx file on D:\ not being created

Tyler Dickey1709161241


I'm coming from the PVS world, so bear with me. Looking at the new MCS Storage optimization, it appears there should be an mcsdif.vhdx file generated on the cache disk, correct? We are having issues where this file is not generated.


VDA and delivery controller: 1906

VMware version:  ESXi, 6.7.0, 8169922

Image created: Using app layering


The images work fine, with the pooled random method for a catalog. Everything functions as normal, the cache disk is created and set to the D:\ and named MCSWCDisk correctly. We just don't see the page file or mcsdif.vhdx on this drive, or anywhere at all.


Is there something that I'm missing or is this a know issue / bug that anyone else is having issues with? We did install the mcs drivers when installing the VDA and have tested by re-creating the platform layer to ensure this not the issue...

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On 11/15/2019 at 9:27 AM, Benjamin Crill1709152175 said:

I assume you installed the PVS tools within the platform layer?


When you open the statustray.exe what does it show as your caching mechanism?  Local disk?  Server?

We are using MCS not PVS unfortunately :(. Citrix support seemed to say it should be creating the file, but it is not.

Further if I look at the MCS performance counters for RAM cache, they will not sample any data, so the RAM cache does not appear to be functioning. Obviously this is the biggest seller for MCS, that it works the same as PVS from a performance standpoint.


Looking at disk part:

Disk 0 is the OS disk

Disk 1 is the identity disk

Disk 2 is the MCS write cache


Querying the prov-scheme, we have the following settings:


UseWriteBackCache            : True
WriteBackCacheDiskSize       : 20
WriteBackCacheMemorySize     : 2048
WriteBackCacheDiskIndex      : 2


And on the machine catalog, persist user data is set to discard. I don't even know where else to look, but as far as I can tell it isn't working..

I've tried creating a new catalog since we upgraded to 1906 on front / backend to no avail.



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