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Looking for some very useful reports for Published Applications

Mike Winspear


Good Morning All,


I've recently started a contract at a large business that's mid process of upgrading from 6.5 to 7.15, sadly though their documentation is a little limited, I've produced various reports for them (and for me) to help with an over view of the architecture, but there is a report that moving forward will help me immensely and their support departments once everything goes live and is handed over to their BAU support teams.


That is a report that can drill down, I already have a full report of the farm which has app servers, applications, application groups, machines etc, but what I'd really like is either and XML or a CSV that I an their support teams can use to identify what Machines are used to delivery what applications etc.


So something like...


<Application Group>  is a member of <Delivery Group>  which uses <Machine Catalogue> which has <these machines>  (and optionally <This Machine> is a member of<This Tag>.


Now I know I could spend a lot of time pulling together this information from the farm report I already have, but just wondered if anyone else had been able to do this easily with Powershell that I could use as a template to build the report for the client im working with currently.



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