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Citrix registry initial refresh delete desktop shortcuts



Hy everyone, I am facing a weird issue regarding citrix receiver, app shortcut and refresh interval. Indeed we have citrix farm running on XendDesktop 7.6 and we use a store where we published app directly on customer desktop. Most of our citrix receiver are running 4.11 release. In order to refresh the store at logon I put the two registry key (using GPO) initialrefreshminms and initialrefreshmaxms at about 20000 and 25000 so that when a user log on it will automatically have the latest app published on desktop. My problem is that when a user log on first time everything works well published app are correctly created. At the end of the day user log off, the day after when he came back at work and log on on the same computer he still have his citrix shortcuts be 20sec after (in fact when the initialrefreshminms is triggered) published apps dissapeared from the start menu and also from the desktop. I have to manual right click on receiver and click on refresh to get shortcuts back... is-it a normal behavior ? In my mind if the shortcut is already there the refresh registry key should not delete it....


Thanks a lot for your helo

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