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Citrix gateway issue

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I am using netscaler vpx trial license. Storefront LB feature is working fine. I also see citrix gateway option in license features. I enabled it and tried to create session profile. It shows spinning circle but profile isnt created. Is there something I am missing here? I think there should be citrix gateway license, but I am not able to get citrix gateway trial license from citrix portal. Can someone help me on this issue? 



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Which firmware version are you on?

Which browser are you on as it might just be a browser issue?


If you do a show ns license, which features are licensed? (Or Go System > Licenses in the GUI), you can see if the VPN feature is or isn't included.  (Standard edition includes gateway with ICA Proxy basic settings only; Adv/Pre includes gateway for Ica Proxy basic/adv and full vpn.  

If gateway doesn't show either ica proxy or vpn licenses, then you are not licensed for gateway.  The NS vpx trial license doesn't usually include gateway functionality.


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Firmware version: NS13.0 41.20

Browser: chrome and IE


I used this link, https://www.citrix.com/lp/try/citrix-gateway.html previously to get a trial license - one for netscaler ADC, and another license for citrix gateway. 

But now, this link redirects to https://www.citrix.com/products/citrix-gateway/get-started.html which has options like request demo, request call, contact partner.


My doubt is, Can we or can we not get a trial license for citrix gateway? I know we could get it earlier, is it changed recently?


For now, I have ADC trial license on my netscaler. In basic settings I can see citrix gateway and I check that option. I go to session profiles section and try to create one. It spins forever. It doesnt create session profile at all. Immediately if I go to basic settings, citrix gateway option is unchecked automatically. AFAIK, there should be a separate license for citrix gateway. Thats the trial I was looking for.

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