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Server not registerd

Dennis Haschke


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Morning Dennis,


I think the fastest way to troubleshoot the issue would be to isolate one server from the pool. I don't know if you already use tags for your machines, because if the machine is in maintenance it won't execute any scheduled reboots. We normally assign an extra tag (for ex. "Production") to all machines and filter all Desktops and Applications additionally on this tag which allows us to really isolate a single machine. You can't use that to drain the machine initially though, as users will run into issues otherwise when trying to reconnect their disconnected sessions on that machine.


When you have your free machine, you can add an additional 2nd tag (for ex. the machine's name) to it and then use the New-BrokerRebootScheduleV2 cmdlet to create an additional schedule which would only apply to the isolated machine's extra 2nd tag. Then you can conveniently analyze what exactly is going on by using either CDFControl or CDFMonitor to capture a CDFTrace at System startup after the scheduled reboot has been executed (see here for CDFControl: https://docs.citrix.com/en-us/citrix-virtual-apps-desktops/manage-deployment/collect-cdf.html). You should only need to include the "BrokerAgent" module's traces to see what is going on during VDA registration.


Btw. are your DDCs defined in the image or are you solely applying them via GPO? Could be that the GPO isn't applied when the Citrix Desktop Service starts and hence the list is empty. Just a guess, but you'd also see that in the trace.



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All this VMs are in one machine catalog.

We use only one reboot schedule for this catalog. Every night the machines rebooted (1.00).
Normaly no machines are in maintenance mode.

The strange thing is that i found no errors in my log from this server...…

DDC's are defined in the Image.

I think i open a citrix ticket.....we have support :-)

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