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Reboot Schedules on Delivery Groups processed when not scheduled

Rob Nailor


XenApp 7.15 CU3 Server 2012 R2 environment.  We have two delivery groups.  Each has it's own reboot schedule set in the properties of the delivery group.  Odd number servers reboot Sunday mornings at 4 am and even numbered reboot at 4 am Monday morning.  This has been setup and working without issue for about a year.  This past weekend at exactly 12 am Sunday morning (based on events the delivery controllers logs) I can see the Citrix Broker Service kicked off the reboot cycle on both delivery groups.  All servers rebooted shortly after midnight (reboots are set to be staggered over 30 minutes).  We are a hospital so this was impactful to our providers as the even numbered servers were not supposed to reboot Sunday and had the full load of users.  The reboots on the odd servers scheduled for 4am also processed as expected so they rebooted twice, once a 12 am and again at 4 am.  I've spent a couple of hours on the phone with Citrix support and didn't really get anywhere.  They want me to do some CDF tracing while trying to recreate the issue.  The only real anomaly here is the time change for DST but this issue happened at midnight and the time change doesn't happen until 2 am.  Also why would reboots that are not even scheduled to run that morning process?  Has anyone seen odd behavior like this before?

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I appreciate your reply Chris.   I'm wondering if you have made any progress with support yet?  I went back to them with this info and they did acknowledge the issue.  I'm still waiting for them to get back to me and asked to have my case escalated to the highest level.

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