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Registration/Connection Timeout

Akinola Oke


I have about 400 VDI being serviced by two DDC. The SF is loadbalanced through NetScaler.


I am having issue of users occassionally not able to successfully launch their desktops and the error message on the "Director" is either Registration or Connection Timeout.

The same connection works later when they persist, even though no changes were made.


Is there any setting to be able to workaround the issue?




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On ‎11‎/‎4‎/‎2019 at 6:59 PM, Diego Oliveira said:

Check if the following article helps:


Thanks Diego.


I have seen this link and the descriptions here seem not to actually apply so far in this case.

The situation only occurs occasionally and it seems the "Receiver" and "SF" timed out ever before the VDA was fully able to registered.

So as usual, the DDC shutdown the VDA after a while when no session is observed.


It is often the case that the first ping response of the VDA and the "Receiver" timeout occur simultaneously, maybe within some few second of each other.

At that moment, there is no way the VDA would have been fully registered to the available for usage.


What is specific to this case also is that we use PVS to provision the VDA, and I'm wondering if "streaming" could not be the cause.

The PVS, DDC and SF are in same subnet, while the VDAs are in a different subnet.

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