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My VM shows to me "The VDI is not available" And SR scan fail

Yongho Kim


Hello, I hava a problem about XenServer, VDI


product name : XenServer

Versions : 6.2 

Storage : 3 ea


Local Stroage 1 : OK (/dev/sda)

Local Storage 2 : ERROR (/dev/sdb)

Local Storage 3 : OK (/dev/sdc)


I setup new disk(Local Storage3) last week. fdisk -l result is blow


(/dev/sdc need to partioning??)


After setup disk, I executed commands in xenserver console.

1. # xe host-list

2. # xe sr-create host-uuid=host-uuid content-type=user name-label="Local storage3" shared=false device-config:device=/dev/sdc type=lvm


After that, I can't run VM it's disk in Local storage2. When I run VM, it shows a message "The VDI is not available."

So, I scan Local Storage2 and it's result like below.


Error parameters: , The SR scan failed  [opterr=Command ['/usr/sbin/lvs', '--noheadings', '--units', 'b', '-o', '+lv_tags', '/dev/VG_XenStorage-bb66583f-2842-f789-6bc7-527355ce2044'] failed (5): Volume group "VG_XenStorage-bb66583f-2842-f789-6bc7-527355ce2044" not found
  Skipping volume group VG_XenStorage-bb66583f-2842-f789-6bc7-527355ce2044],


What happened to me and is it possible to fix??


Question 1) Is /dev/sdc (new disk) need to partitioning? how to do that?

Question 2) How to fix "The VDI is not available"??

Question 3) Why Local Storage2 scan fail?


What more information do you need?


Please help. Please..

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