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Assign Static IP to CentOS7 VM through CLI in XenServer 7.6

Antony nixson


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Hello Alan,


Thanks for the replay,

Yes the article says its for windows VM, i have to do the same in linux vm,

I have tried with xenserver 6.5, 7.2 and 7.6

6.5 does not have the feature (vif-configure-ipv4)

7.2 and 7.6 returns 

(You attempted an operation on a VM which lacks the feature.)


i don't know, what went wrong.

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Hello Tobias,


I'm a Xenserver newbie, so pardon me if this sounds silly. I have checked the thread but it is for windows VM, In my case i'm using CentOs7  vm, Both Windows and CentOs has the same cli command to change/assign ip address right ???

also the command xe vif-configure-ipv4 uuid=(UUID-of- VIF) mode=static address=w.x.y.z/24 gateway=a.b.c.d will not assign static IP address ?? its returning a error info like

something like (You attempted an operation on a VM which lacks the feature.) !! I believe this may not be supported for Linux But i'm not sure?  if the command works means it has to assign IP address right ? 




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