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I have installed 1909 workspace on win10 VDI, now the mouse is not working.

Satya Mandavalli1709161277


Win10 and Citrix workspace 19.0 are creating a lot of problems. Feed up of rectifying this issue: I installed 1909 workspace on win10 now the mouse is not working.
when I installed the latest one 1909, It is has become a horrible time fixing this. After uninstalling 1909 mouse started to work now I will try 1904.
4.12 installed mouse not working. 1909 and  1904 not working.
It is impacting my work can anyone pls advise.
Troubleshooting Steps I followed:
1. Run receiver cleanup utility on your Win 10 KVM as Administrator 2. Restart your WIN 10 KVM 3. Install Citrix receiver 4.12 -- Run as Administrator -- Try to access your applications as normal from Storefront URL
 I followed the above steps but still, the same issue.

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