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How to force login prompt when opening a Server desktop.


Good day.


We are in a rather difficult position with a new Citrix farm that we are trying to put into production.


Our backend is the Citrix Cloud.


We have a VDA farm (Windows 2016 servers, for a virtual desktop) that have to be accessible with thin clients.  For various reasons, we need to access the Storefronts for these VDAs through Netscalers.  All of that works.


For various reasons, we would need to have a login prompt when opening a Server Desktop application.  So when we click on the Server desktop application, we get connected to a server, and then that server demands authentication.  we need this as we have users that will be logging in with an account on a certain domain, and then they need to open a desktop session through another account on another domain.  Is this possible?




log in to Netscaler and storefront with account on domain abc

open desktop server application

at this point, force another authentication so user can log in with domain def


I know its not elegant, but we need this to work quickly.  Ideally, we would also add the other domain to AzureAD but we are unsure if we can have two domains in AzureAD.  Meanwhile, we are desperately trying to get this to work for next week.



Thank you 



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