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Autocad 2016/2018 Launch Error on citrix UPM ( folder redirection) Error 1606

Kedar Pavaskar1709157578


AutoCAD 2016 and 2018 when launched on VDI with Folder redirection, throws up errors(refer to the Error Screenshots section Below) .

any changes you needed to be done on the UPM policy? 


  1. Citrix User Profile Manager (AD GPO)  has been Enabled and Filtered to the VDI OU. 
  2. Issue only occurs when the users roaming profile GPO is enabled on the Citrix VDI OU
  3. Issue Does not occur when Local profile has been enabled (when UPM GPO is disabled). 
  4. Directories to Synchronize has been enabled. (Appdata\Local\AutoDesk and Appdata\Roaming\AutoDesk).
  5. VDI Running On: Citrix Xendesktop 7.15 LTSR CU4

    Windows version: Windows 10 1703


Please do advice if anyone has been running autocad on their Citrix environment and has fixed this issue. 

thank you!



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I guess this is more to do with the Autocad and not the citrix roaming Profile. 

However, I've fixed this by following this article below. 



apparently, Autocad looks for a 'support' folder which is hardcoded into the application. This Support folder Location can be changed and set as a central location ( anywhere on the VDI image such as C:\AUTOCAD\Support Folder\) after which it should resolve the issue. 

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