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Copy and Rename .VHDX Versioned Disk Chain

Wayne Jackson1709161067


Hello Everyone,


I've created the 3 stores below in Citrix Provisioning Services 7.15 LTSR to contain the Maintenance, Test and Production versions of my Gold Image.




I want to copy the Gold Image into each store and then rename each vDisk in the versioning chain with a prefix to indicate it's purpose such as "PROD-" for the Production vDisks as below.





I've tried using Citrix's VhdUtil tool at the URL below to rename the full disk chain but this failed as the tool only supports .VHD files and I'm using .VHDX files 




Does anyone know a method of renaming a full versioned chain of .VHDX disks?


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Thank you for your response James.


I followed your steps above, but when I booted the renamed vDisk, I saw the error message below:




Renaming the vDisk back to its original filename resolved the issue and allowed the vDisk to boot.


I found this Citrix support article which states that vDisks cannot be renamed if versions exist - https://support.citrix.com/article/CTX136757


So I've decided to keep the original filenames, as the renaming process seems to be causing the "Store path not found" error above.

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You should be able to export the Existing vdisk which will give you an XML file - take that file along with all the vdisks and versions and copy them elsewhere.


Rename all the files to your new name (keep the version numbers) and then alter the XML file contents to reflect the changes 


import the new disk and you should be good, offhand (and without 100% confirming) I’m pretty sure that’s what I used to do when I needed this (it was a while back) 

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