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Changing default NetScaler error messages to something more meaningful

Shane Paul

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I've restricted the manageotp site so user's can only register a single device. If they already have a device registered and try and go to manageotp, they get the message noted in the screen shot. Is there any way to change that message to be something more meaningful? Or replace it with a custom message?





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You can replace it with your own custom message.

The default messages are in /var/netscaler/logon/LogonPoint/receiver/js/localization/<language code>/ctxs.strings.js.
The key you are looking for is: "Session absent to manage otp for user, probably misconfiguration. Please contact your adminsitrator."

And yes, there is a typo in the key.

Then copy the entire line, and copy it into: /var/netscaler/logon/themes/<your theme name>/strings.<language code>.json.

You must leave the message key (the part before the colon) intact (yep, with the typo!), but you can replace it with your own custom message on the right.

You will also need to escape double-quotes within your text.

Here is a screenshot:




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