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Effect of domain controller non availability on MCS

Maneesh Chopra1709161199


I need to determine the effect of the domain controller not being available to the MCS.

I have some network work happening due to which domain controllers (DC) will not be available.

I want to leave all citrix servers up as they should logically start working normally once the DCs are available.

I want to find out if any one has seen problems with leaving them up during outage even after the DC is available? 

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If "the" domain controller is offline, then expect enumeration/launching of applications to fail. Logged on users will receive authentication issues when connecting to new resources. However it should be fine again when the DC comes back online. But even if there is more than one DC just make sure you are not rebooting any of the MCS machines during the outage. So make sure any reboot schedules are temporarily disabled should the maintenance work occur at the same time.



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