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Redirecting a shortname

Paul Balan

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Only if site1 resolves via DNS without an FQDN and this would still have to get to an NS VIP/vserver to be redirected to the new name.  (Usually we do short url paths) . But I know if I do this, the browser assumes I meant www.site1.com, so depending on whether you host header is exactly "site1" when it is resolves to the NS or some other FQDN would affect this expression.  If you are doing something else where users go to http://demo.domain.com/site1 and you want to redirect to http://site1.domain.com, then this would be based on the URL or path elements instead of the hostname.


IF you are evaluating the hostname, then you need to use a policy expression based on hostname to trigger this redirect and not the URL path elements.



Then you can use a responder policy to do the redirect:


Can you clarify that you are really having users enter http://site1 and nothing else and expecting to send it to https://site1.domain.com?  Or did you mean some other http to https redirect scenario.  As for the http to https redirects, that is doable.  


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If  a user types http://site1 it should go to https://site1.domain.com

If a user types https://site1 it should go to https://site1.domain.com


In IIS this is how it looks:


Site1 (listens on port 80 and 443) with a bunch of host headers

Default (443) no host headers

    StoreFront sites

To get this working (the site1 to site1.domain.com) we added an http vip that works due to host headers and internal(iis) redirects.  I would rather not open up port 80 to accomplish this if possible.  Another problem with this is due the our IIS config this VIP isn't really monitored.  It doesn't look like the default http monitor does not monitor a site that is not under the default site.  (how do we make a monitor that can check for Site1's health?)


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