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OS Layer fails to finalize after Win10 1903 update

Martin Poirier


My OS Layer will not finalize after updating to Windows 10 1903.  I get the error:


" An error occurred while finalizing version '1.7' of Layer 'Windows 10'. Please address this issue and retry: It looks like the Packaging Machine has never been powered on. Please power it on, install your applications, and double-click the Shutdown for Finalize icon. "


I did find this article ( https://support.citrix.com/article/CTX226406 ) which speaks to have extra disks attached, however, there is only the one disk attached to the VM.


Anyone else know a way around this ?

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I think that can also happen if the feature update creates a recovery partition as the first partition.  To fix that issue you can delete the recovery partition using diskpart

select disk 0

list partition ->will show the partitions so you can find the right one.

select partition 2 (or whatever one you need)

delete partition override


PS i think support can provide a patch to fix this issue if you contact them.

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