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Script Powershell to create VM

kevin blais


Hi Readers,


I'm trying to automate the creation of VM by a powershell script with citrix studio and i have 1 little issues but i don't know how to pass that ...


Here's a part of my script <<


$Pool = Get-BrokerCatalog -Name $CAName -AdminAddress $AdminAddress

New-AcctADAccount -IdentityPoolName $CAName -Count 1 -AdminAddress $AdminAddress 

$ADAccount = Get-AcctAdAccount -IdentityPoolName $CAName -State Available

New-ProvVM -ProvisioningSchemeName $Pool.Name -ADAccountname $ADAccount.ADAccountName -Adminaddress $AdminAddress



So Citrix take the next name avalaible according to template's done but "New-ProvVm" create the name but there's no way to go search the information  like the Name of the VM Created (That i need)


if you could help me would be great thanks :)

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I've not tested it myself, but one of my peers created this script.  It will output a CSV of the VMs that were created.


import-module ActiveDirectory
$NamingConvention = "TEST-VDI" # this is the prefix to the ComputerName matching internal naming convention
$buildcount = 9
$list = @()
$date = (get-date).ToShortDateString().Replace("/",".")
$path = "\\redacted.net\tsresource\data\temp\" + $NamingConvention + "." + $date + ".csv" # Path to Logfile 

for ($i = 1; $i -le $buildcount){
    $rand = get-random -Maximum 9999999
    If ($rand.tostring().length -lt 7){
        do {
            $rand = $rand * 10
        While ($rand.tostring().length -lt 7)
    $computername = $NamingConvention + $rand
    try {
        get-adcomputer $computername # Check if our generated ComputerName already exists

    catch [Microsoft.ActiveDirectory.Management.ADIdentityNotFoundException] {
        If (Test-NetConnection $computername -InformationLevel Quiet){
            write-host "$computername responded!" # Name exists, will need to try again
        Else {
        new-adcomputer -name $computername -SAMAccountName $computername -path "OU=XenDesktop,OU=DEVELOPMENT,DC=REDACTED,DC=NET"
        $out = New-Object psobject -property @{
            "[ADComputerAccount]" = $computername # ComputerName did not exist, let's create it.
        $list += $out
$list | Export-Csv -NoTypeInformation $path



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