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DSCP/QoS marking on Citrix Server traffic

Jeppe Schoubye1709161408


Hi Forum

We have a Citrix infrastructure (I'm not a Citrix guy - I'm doing the network) and we have deployed a GPO that ensures that all the Citrix clients on the PC's are marking the Citrix traffic with DSCP AF21

If I packet capture on the Citrix server I see the frames coming in with "AF21" however the replies from the server back to the client is marked "CS0" (Best Effort - low priority).


This means that the request is prioritized in the MPLS but the reply is not.


What do i need to do to have the server marking the reply frames with the same DSCP marking as the request frame?

Is this by design?


Any help is highly appreciated



DSCP screenshot.jpg

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