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Citrix Gateway plugin doesn't store user name when nFactor is enabled

Kari Ruissalo

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We're implementing nFactor in our customers Citrix ADC environment which they're mainly using for the VPN access.


We were using classic authentication policies previously and the User name was "cached" in the GW plugin. Now that we switched to nFactor authentication, the user name field is always blank. The customer feels this is unnecessary and they would like to have the user name stored in the plugin, is there a way to get this functionality back with nFactor enabled?


We're not (at least yet) ready to implement the Always On functionality which would resolve this issue...


We are running 12.1 build 54.13 (both ADC and the GW Plugin).

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Unfortunately no. In this one case we got the issue resolved by implementing Azure AD as the IdP so the users have pretty seamless logon experience now as they've already signed into AAD and when they log in the plugin just checks the user with IdP and then they're well on their way.

However, there are other cases where this feature would be greatly appreaciated.

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