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I can't seem to find documentation regarding supported LUN size for XenServer (CHV) 8.0. Configuration limits here refer to VDI and VHD, rather than actual LUNs.


I know from experience I can present a 6TB NFS mount to CHV v8 without issue. But based on what I read here, it shouldn't be larger than 2TB.




Any guidance is greatly appreciated!

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There is no hard set limit for SR size, it is dependent on underlying system characteristics which have limits defined by upstream software vendors.


For instance the LVM subsystem has a device size limit of 8EB (Exabytes) from the upstream Redhat distribution. Citrix will not have tested to that limit as we probably don't have 8EB in aggregate across all of our test environments let alone in a single configuration so we can't make any claims regarding performance at that scale.

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Actually, after faking it with a thin provisioned LUN it works ok up to around 1PB but after than the hypervisor storage management code encounters an error when creating the volume group. (The UI gets a bit unwieldy as well as it only scales its size reporting up to TB, first world problems and all). The above caveats about performance still apply, I certainly can't run anything representative on this as it's only backed by a few hundred GB.

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Odd, as I recall reading somewhere that while GFS2 has some crazy large limit that Citrix at least recommended keeping the size of an SR at or below 64 TB.  Maybe it was 64 PB! :6_smile: This restriction does not pertain to LVM volumes. Plus of course VDI sizes are going to matter for various other operations that anticipate a 2 TB limit. The document https://docs.citrix.com/en-us/citrix-hypervisor/storage/format.html states a 16 Ti limit under GPS for VDIs, for whatever reason.



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VDIs per SR (NFS, SMB, EXT, GFS2):  20000

VDIs per SR (LVM):   1000

Concurrent active virtual disks per host: 4096

What are the symptoms that begin to appear when reaching maximum specs, are there locking issues, performance-specific? What would I see if I were to create virtual disk 1001 on a LVM SR? Does XenCenter prevent it from happening?

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