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How can I adjust the screen resolution for a Remote Desktop, but leave applications alone + StoreFront 3.15 & XenApp 7.15

Pearson VUE ATS

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Hello.  I have a new Citrix farm, XenApp 7.15 running on Windows 2016 front-ended by Netscaler/Storefront 3.15 configuration.


As we are setting up the applications we have found using the built in option for Desktops for the Citrix Servers does not work for us.  Meaning, it spreads across what ever monitors a user has as well as full-screen.  I have found options to set a fixed size if I use an .rdp file, but looking for a percentage.  We were able to set this to 80-90% in XenApp 6.5 on a single monitor and set per published app, and then the user could adjust if needed.


I have found an article here to use a percentage, https://docs.citrix.com/en-us/storefront/current-release/user-access/windowed-mode.html?_ga=2.142427889.29642060.1572287955-1036418324.1551900900, but this is at the StoreFront level so to me this will affect all Desktops as well as Published Applications.  Or is there some other syntax you could use?


I'm electing to use a .rdp file to publish a desktop as we have some that are not running XenApp 7.15, but even in these settings,I am not finding a way to adjust the size to a percentage.  Our users have a variety of hardware as well as number of monitors, so therefore we would rather not dictate a resolution size as it is not necessarily one size fits all.


Any assistance you can provide is appreciated.





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