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Context Switching on RDP

Stefano Baronio

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Is it possible to use CS to redirect RDP traffic based on the hostname called using one IP address?

For example, I have a CS vServer with IP1.  Have defined two different DNS names that resolv IP1, lets say CS-RDP1 and CS-RDP2. Now I have two different LB vServers non-addressable with one RDP service each (SVC-RDP1 and SVC-RDP2, the servers I want to access).

I would like to be able to connect to SVC-RDP1 by opening a RDP connection to CS-RDP1 and to SVC-RDP2 by opening a connection to CS-RDP2.

I can only see expression policies that use HTTP.etc.. but that apparently cannot be used with RDP vServer


Any help appreciated.




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