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Low performance xenapp 7.15

Harry Schroot



recently iv started migration to 7.15 from 6.5 (XenApp). I encountered a problem with slow response of one of the applications.

7.15 site is very small atm (one server as delivery controller,director,studio and one as vda) - both 2012 r2. They are in the same datacenter (and even same subnet) as old farm and same alcls are applied (from the network perspective it was checked and no issue observed so far). Databases are on the same server for both.

I don't see any problems with other applications - however is hard to find something similar - problematic application is SKM power tools application used for electrical designer.

Scenario is as follows:

users open apps via citrix webpage

from the app he opens a file on local computer (via client drive mapping)

users runs a calculation process (on example project)


Comparing to the old farm is like 10 times slower.

Application works fine locally on the server (I did not noticed problems with cpu or ram).

I v added a new 2008 r server to the 7.15 farm and the performance was also bad.

When I moved it to the old farm the performance was good.

I got a lot of GPOS (but the are rather related to the restriction for standard users and some rds licensing) - for citrix gpos there are few and they do not look like performance related.


Any ideas?


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