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SF 1909 - Propagate changes over WAN fails

Franco Koenig1709161066

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hi all


we try to create 4 Storefront Servers over our WAN Locations here in Europe and Singapur. The Join from the Singapur Storefront Servers will work, but when they begin to propagate the changes, than it will fails always. what i see is the event id 31 in the eventviewer, i also see unter wwwroot/Citrix/ that it creates only one Folder, but not all of the other Folders. Now my question is, is port 808 enough or did i need also a RPC 135 Port? and can it be that it will not work, because of high latency between our Locations? it is 200ms latency here. can that be the issue? or is it a firewall problem, i can telnet over port 808 to all storefront servers vice versa. but i am not sure if it is now latency or firewall?




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Hello Frank,

Please copy the entire event id 31 that you are getting.

In case you are getting: 

" An error has occurred during the all server configuration update process. 

An error occurred running the command: 'Add-DSFeatureInstances' 

Try this step:
1. On the server where propagation fails go to: C:\Program Files\Citrix\Receiver StoreFront\Features\PnaProtocolAuthentication\admin\web.merge.config 
2. Take a backup of web.merge.config file and delete it.
3. Propagate the changes again from the first server.

Port 808 should be enough for SF replication. 



Also check if CTX206872 helps.


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this is my eventid 31 message:


An error has occurred during the all server configuration update process.
Citrix.DeliveryServices.ConfigurationReplication.Exceptions.ServerUpdateConfigurationException, Citrix.DeliveryServices.ConfigurationReplication, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=e8b77d454fa2a856
Exception of type 'Citrix.DeliveryServices.Framework.Web.Deployment.Exceptions.WebApplicationAlreadyExists' was thrown.
RemoteEndpoint: net.tcp://myserverstorefront/Citrix/ConfigurationReplication


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