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Adding NVMe PCIe SSD to Citrix Hypervisor 8.0 - Almost totally lost

Michael Smith1709161398


First:  I'm a long time Windows guy who's never used Linux.  I'm trying out this Hypervisor as an alternate to the horribly limited free version of ESXi (8 cores per VM... yuck)


Here's what I'm trying to do:

I have a brand new server build, Intel Xeon with two SSD's.  I've gotten the HV installed, and I only chose the SSD I wanted to boot from during instillation and that's available in the storages section to use for VM's.  My second SSD is not, and that's where I need to put my Plex server because it's the faster drive.  I have been around and around finding absolutely nothing in the GUI even remotely like "select the physical drive you want to use", or "format physical drives", and my google fu is extremely weak.  I couldn't find this info with a Linux dictionary.

The second part of this venture is that I already have the Plex server backed up with Acronis from being a physical machine (the older server hardware died) and the plan is to create the VM and boot with the Acronis recovery media to restore the server into the new VM.


I've used ESXi enough to know that it's stupidly easy for every day tasks to the point of "add hardware to VM" and pick from the list.  I tried Proxmox first and abandoned it when I realized I'd spend the whole day trying to decipher the CLI instructions from at least a dozen different sites to accomplish my goals.  I'm at the edge of just going to a physical Windows Server install and set up MS Hyper-V to get this done.  I have all the license keys and know-how to make THAT work.  All this Linux stuff is Greek to me and Windows experience is about 99% useless in figuring all this out.  There is no common jargon in the CLI...


I really hope someone out there can help me get this sorted out.


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You need to add that second drive as an addional local SR.


Linux is a challenge to figure out. Yes, the command line can vary from flavor to flavor and from 

version to version with the same flavor. Usually you can Google search and find either a CTX 

article from Citrix or examples from others for common tasks. For something more unique 

look for examples that are based on CentOS.




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