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Local DNS Server Installation

Alan Edinger


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You mean you are going to install a VM with DNS on it? You can do that with a Linux or a 

Windows VM. I wouldn't install DNS directly on Dom0. There really wouldn't be a benefit

in doing that. So basically it would be no different that creating any other VM on your





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On 10/29/2019 at 12:16 PM, Boby John1709155536 said:


Are you trying to setup a DNS server on a VM running on XenServer  ?

Or are you trying to setup DNS server on the XenServer itself ? 


OR do you just want to assign a DNS server to the XenServer ? 

If so You can do that from Host > Networking > Management Network > Configure



Creating a local DNS server directly on the XenServer would be more ideal I think, but I’m flexible. 

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