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Browser content redirection with Igel - cropped


We have successfully configured browser content redirection with our IGEL clients (10.06) as descibed in https://support.citrix.com/article/CTX230052


Youtube videos are played very smoothy, but the browser itself seems to be cropped around the video (see attached example for youtube).

Also via webcontainer from terminal on the client, redirected websides are cropped (see gotomeeting attachment)


So we found the following RegKey to solve this issue:



Due to the limitation of CEF(Chromium Embedded Framework), client endpoint GPU needs to be disabled if DPI scaling factor is set to a number other than 100% in order for BCR feature to work. Otherwise BCR displays the website in a corrupted fashion (like zoomed in and cropped). To disable, configure on the Client:

For 64-bit:
Value: 0


This seems to be solve issues on Windows clients.


But were can we disable GPU for HDXMediaStream on IGEL UMS ?



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