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WEM1909: UPM not working after 1909 upgrade

Joe Robinson




I've been struggling this week after upgrading my VDAs and WEM to 1909.


My environment is completely physical.  I have HP DL380G10 Servers running Windows Server 2016, patched through October 2019.  


I was running VDA 1906.2 with WEM 1906.1.  My upgrade process is as follows:

  • Upgrade WEM from 1906.2 to 1909
  • Uninstall VDA1906.2
  • Run through the VDA cleanup utility
  • Install VDA 1909
  • Apply Microsoft Updates


After running through this process, I've experience a problem with UPM.  The service is running, the configuration is enabled, but it's not working.  I have UPM logging enabled, but when a user logs into the VDA no logs are generated.  Other features of WEM appear to be working fine -- I have lots of registry settings and drive mappings, and they are working fine.  However, UPM appears to just ignore everything.


To resolve the issue, I've found that I can open the WEM console and navigate to the Administration context.   Under Agents, I can find the machine with the problem, right click it and select Reset Profile Management Settings.  A few moments later I will see settings in the log as it reads the configuration data and everything starts to work.


Upon investigating the UPM logs, I don't see any profile management activity after the upgrade from 1906 to 1909.   I would expect to see entries for each time the service starts up -- it normally logs the UPM settings, but these values are missing.




It appears that the service isn't reading the policy as defined by WEM until there is a manual update from the WEM console. 


I've attached a log file to this email.  It's an example of what is missing that I expect to see.  Once I apply my workaround, these entries are added to the log file and everything is working fine.



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No; I didn't manually delete the cache.  I am upgrading some more VDAs tonight, and I can give that a test to see if that makes a difference.


One thing I noticed a bit ago is that I see two of all my machines in the WEM console.  The reset of upm only works one of them even though they both appear to be active (going by the last connection time).

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