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Server 2019 - Title bar unresponsive on certain maximised applications

Sean Welman



We have an open call with Citrix but wonder if anyone else seeing this issue?

Currently running DDCs on 7.15.3.

Windows 2019 worker servers running VDA 1909.1 (also tested with 1906)

Tested with FSLogix and with UPM


When certain applications are maximised on top of other applications in same session, the title bar is unresponsive to clicks. e.g. minmise, close, restore buttons. When you click on them the application loses focus.

Everything else in the application is fine, e.g. File menu etc.

Shift+Right-click on the apps taskbar icon and restore down, and the title bar is responsive again.


Easily replicated in our environment, (and by Citrix) with streamed IE maximised in the background, and various other apps in foreground within same session.

Known problematic apps - Notepad, Notepad++, any MMC application, XenServer console...these are what I know of so-far.

Other apps like O365 ones work fine.


Can use this as a per app workaround https://discussions.citrix.com/topic/399964-xenapp-7151-excel-2010-title-bar-goes-black-at-maximize/

but we ended up with quite a long list, so holding off on pushing 2019 as worker for now, except for 365.





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