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Target devices consuming PVS licenses?? (PVS 7.15 LTSR)

Joe W


We are in the process of rolling out a new 7.15 Xenapp farm using PVS to deploy Windows 2016 RDS machines. We have done this in the past on 7.6 (Windows 2008 R2 RDS) using 3 PVS servers. We obtained the Provisioning Services for Datacenters license (5) via our XenServer Hypervisor licenses and each PVS server would consume one license. We are now noticing that this model appears to have changed in 7.15 and that each target device booting up consumes a PVS license, so we are now hitting our limit after booting up 2 7.15 devices, whereas previously we have 30+ target devices booted on 7.6. Once I boot up a 3rd device it receives the error message that "No device license is currently available for this computer"


I have a case opened with Citrix already and they are looking into the issue but I am looking for official documentation stating that what we are seeing is indeed the expected behavior and/or if anyone else has encountered this problem before.


One other item to note is that the 7.15 farm is running on VMWare, whereas the legacy farm was running on XenServer (6.5 I believe).



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Hi, Joe,

I'm not sure if this has anything to do with it.  Is the option on the Licensing tab of the farm checked to 'Use Datacenter licenses for desktops if no Dekstop licenses are available' ?   It is the default. 



You might consolidate the licenses into a new license file, too.  Probably a more likely cause is that the target device finds the Datacenter license file before finding the XD license file. 

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It should.  Just thinking about the option and the situation, maybe it could not find the Desktop licenses...so maybe take a look at the license file on the license server.  Make sure it is tidy, has no expired licenses and consolidate all your licenses into one license file.   I wonder if it sees the DataCenter licenses first ?

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