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Why does Office 2019 keep de-activating??

Tom Lyczko


This question is about Office 2019 , not Office 365.

We have a new Citrix VDA 1906 7.x farm/site running on Windows Server 2019.

MS Office 2019 was installed via C2R into the template server that becomes our VDA session host servers.

Every so often Office 2019 must be re-activated.

We have always used a MAK key, which should not ever need re-activating, the servers all have Internet access.


What do I do to keep Office 2019 activated and not disable Outlook sending or doing anything with email, or prompting for activation??


I know I could write a scheduled task to run a script to periodically reinstall the MAK key, but knowing and fixing the root cause would be better. :)

Thank you, Tom

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If the VDAs are deployed via MCS, MAK is not supporrted:
If the VDAs are deployed via some other method, it would likley make office activation dependant on how that deploymnet method works.

Microsoft office and OS products activation in general usually needs to be reapplied if the product detects certain changes in underlying hardware/os variables, which the activation system tracks to ensure the product is still running where it was originally activated.

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To the best of my knowledge, MCS is not involved, since this is XenApp, not XenDesktop.

We created a VMware VM, installed the software, changed it to a template, then created the session hosts from the template.

No major noticeable changes after initial increases of vCPU and RAM, the product is still running where it was originally activated.

The session host servers don't change in terms of hardware, the OS only gets its monthly updates.

I guess I will have to put in a script to activate Office 2019 daily, sigh. :(

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