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Netscaler VPX - RDP Proxy error "an internal error has occurred" when using SSO to web application

Arya sasol

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I'm going to publish RDP connection over the internet by Netscaler VPX 12.1 50.28

also it's asked to enable 2FA for the login page of NetScaler Gateway. so RADIUS authentication has been configured and assigned as primary authentication(Didn't set secondary)

"Single Sign-on to Web Applications" and "Use Citrix Gateway as a Reverse Proxy" enabled to not ask the users about credentials again.

in this situation in the password field, the user enters the password and add the token which has been given to him(By ESET which already set as RADIUS Authentication) at the end of the password.

after successful login, when RDP published is being opened, an error appear which says "An Internal error has been occurred".
It will be fixed when we disable SSO, But we need to have SSO to not being under pressure of our clients.

would you please help me in this regard.

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As you are using RADIUS as a primary factor, you have to edit your Citrix Gateway Session Profile -> User Experience -> Credential Index to Secondary, as LDAP is your second factor so SSO can work. NetScaler has to difference between RADIUS and LDAP factor so it can be pushed to your RDP Hosts in your backend.


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