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XenApp 1906 local profiles, what is stored therein??

Tom Lyczko


We have a new XenApp version 1906 farm/site running, our consultant did a good job setting it up.

When we started testing the site, all the servers initially appeared to remove people's local profile folder when people logged off the server (a batch file with shutdown.exe /l)

Now the users' local profiles appear to remain on the server even when they log off.

Which is the correct behavior??

What is stored in the local profiles??

We use folder redirection as much as allowed within Windows Server 2019.

Thank you, Tom

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7 minutes ago, Tom Lyczko said:

Thank you for showing the preference.

But my question, "What is stored in the local profiles??" is still not answered.

Thank you, Tom


if UPM is being used it copies off the windows user profiles -during logoff- to a network share pretty much like roaming profiles functionality in windows (but alot more sophisticated). Therefore that which is stored in the local profiles is exactly the same as the windows user profile that any user logging on to any windows pc or server has been having for the past 20 years (all their personal preferences, user settings, program settings, desktop look and feel, ...)

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1 hour ago, Tom Lyczko said:

How does one decide whether or not to use the above-mentioned policy to delete the local profile at logoff??
Methinks it keeps the VDA session host server cleaners to do this, if everything is stored in a UPM folder.

Thank you, Tom


It's a really cool feature of UPM so I highly recommend using the setting as in the screenshot (=delete) because:


1. it keeps the c:\Users folder and therefore the disk drive lean and mean

2. it keeps a consistent experience for your users if you have many Xenapp servers. Without this, 1 server will react fast (profile still there from previous logon) and the next slow (not yet logged on to this server today) 

3. It gives you footprint to hold on to. If the profile doesn't dissappear at logoff, you know something is wrong (some process still keeping it open etc..)

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