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Help with Populate RDP Urls based on LDAP attribute

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I've read the Citrix documentation on Populating RDP URLs based on LDAP attributes and I can't seem to get it to work. In fact it crashes the ADC every time I try to use it. I populated the field in the rdp client profile -rdpLink Attribute with the AD field name which is 'extensionAttribute1', LDAP is already bound to vServer. I added the same AD Field Name 'extensionAttribute1' to the attributes field in the to the Authentication LDAP Server under the 'Attributes' field.

On the AD side, I populated the extensionAttribute1 field with the following text 'servername.mycompaname.net'. 

After this I login as the test user and the  webpage hangs, then the netscaler crashes. 


Without using the -rdplink attribute, RDP works fine using bookmarks. I am trying to set the ADC up so that the based on an LDAP attribute the logged in user will see a bookmark that will connect him to his designated RDP host, which could be different for each user. Is there another way to do this?


Any advice? Using NS13.0 Build 41.28nc on trial license




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Hi Robert,


sure, create your RDP Bookmarks. Go to Citrix Gateway -> User Administration -> AAA User (if you would like to filter on LDAP User) or AAA Groups (if you would like to filter on LDAP Groups). Create AAA User or Group and name this identical to your AD User / Groups, so NetScaler knows that it should filter on LDAP.


Bind your RDP Bookmarks to your AAA User / Groups. That's it.




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