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Boot Signal Failure from PVS

Trey Wessel


Anyone else had an issue where they can not boot provisioned VM's from the PVS console? I can reboot live machines as I assume PVS is talking to the OS , but I can't boot one up from a shutdown. When I attempt to send the boot signal it just says failure. I did run CDFMonitor and saw this line. The account im connected to the host with is a domain admin. Running PVS 7.17 with VMM as the host.  BGBPVSTEMP02 is the machine we attempted to boot.



<MapiException ErrorCode="36" Message="The following items failed:&#xD;&#xA;BGBPVSTEMP02    An unexpected MAPI error occurred." TypeName="Mapi.PartialError" Source="" Success="0">
  <PartialMapiException Name="BGBPVSTEMP02" ErrorCode="24" Message="An unexpected MAPI error occurred." TypeName="Mapi.OtherException" Source="" Success="0">
    <InnerException Message="Not authorized for operation" TypeName="Citrix.Xip.XipException" Source="Xip.Scvmm" />



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2 hours ago, Carl Fallis said:

How was the VM created?  For targets created on a hypervisor they have to be created using one of the setup wizards, to start the VM the PVS consoles has to talk to the management software of the hypervisor directly to start he VM. 



These machines were created with the Xendesktop setup wizard. 

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On 10/25/2019 at 7:17 AM, Carl Fallis said:

Make sure the user has the proper privileges to start VMs on the hypervisor and if you can take a look at the logs on the hypervisor. 



Verified that the user has rights, dont see anything in the hypervisor logs that show the attempt.

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