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Xen 7.0 Iscsi SR mounted

David Allen1709155199


Yes we have 3 storage SR's that are connect by an iscsi connection to our NetApp SAN.  I am wanting to find out where the iscsi would be mounted in the xen server so that I can have access to the vhd files for something i'm testing.   I have tried looking in the  /run/sr-mount and don't see the uuid in there for the SR.  I followed the following page to get the uuid https://shilllabs.com/2018/03/11/where-does-xenserver-store-vm-vhds-on-local-disk/


Any help is appreciated, running xen 7.1 xenserver build date: 2017-06-19

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Thanks for the reply, if I go in there the only thing I see is MGT for one of the SR's that are connected.  The other 2 I am actually seeing the VHD files.  Any reason why I wouldn't see a vhd file for the one that is just showing MGT?  It is only one VM running on there and it has no snapshots, it is just there temporary until we move the files over to our SAN.


Also, if i get the VM's VDI info that should be the same name of the VHD file itself is that correct?


Thanks for your help, much appreciate it.


The other thing i'm seeing is the VHD files list only seem to be a couple bytes in size... see attachment.


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