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FSLogix Profile Containers sometimes corrupt

Dennis Haschke

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What do you mean exactly?

Is this the log file: C:\Program Files\FSLogix\Apps\frxccd.log?
The problem ist that we use MCS and after every reboot we have an initial configuration.

Yesterday i found this:
/Allow concurrent user sessions
Muss aktiviert werden, um gleichzeitige Benutzersitzungen auf demselben Computer zu verwalten. Hinweis: Wenn die Terminalserver verwendet werden und gleichzeitige Anmeldungen für dasselbe Windows-Konto auf demselben Server durchgeführt werden, muss diese Richtlinie aktiviert sein


0: don’t handle concurrent sessions. 1: handle concurrent sessions. Note: This setting is used to when the Windows server feature that allows concurrent logins for the same Windows account on the same server is enabled. This scenario is seen most often with Citrix XenApp, when using this configuration this setting should be set to 1


My actual settings at the attachment.
Maybee we must configure the setting to 1?



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If you are seeing a VHD created rather than a VHDX then that is odd.... I have only seen that occur when you are doing a pattern match in the FSLogix GPO settings


You don't need concurrent access unless you have multiple sessions on the same server (it doesn't do anything bad if you turn it on though)

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