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Citrix Workspace start on login - mac

Sidney Davis


A variation of this question has been asked on a number of occasions, with no clear answer. I am using workspace on three Macs, two iMacs and one MBP. All running Mac OS 10.15. On two (one iMac and the MBP), when I login/boot up, Citrix workspace does NOT start automatically. When I click on the Workspace icon on the dock, the option to "start on login" is NOT ticked. If I then attempt to log into a Citrix server remotely, workspace opens and runs normally. On the third mac, another iMac, when I boot up, workspace automatically starts and asks for an account. If I click on the workspace app in the doc, the "start on login" IS ticked.


 Users have suggested, on forums, to delete all the plist files in launchagents or launchdaemons, yet others have said these don't apply in this software to start it. Others have offered "so what if it starts?"

Whilst acknowledging this has no adverse effect on my usage of Citrix, I just find it very annoying to be faced with this message every time I boot my computer.


I am very frustrated as I have checked, using Finder and 'Find any file' all the files associated with workspace app and they appear to be the same on all three computers (all mine, all set up and having had all programs installed by me).


Any suggestions?


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Replying to this older thread, as it popped up when I was searching for an answer. Can't believe that it's still an issue in 2022. Solved this issue by using the script here.




Scripts look like they search the files in the LaunchAgents and LaunchDaemons directory on your mac, and renames anything with citrix in the name with a "_bak" suffix so it doesn't run at boot.


Requires root access to run, so you'll want to verify that you're comfortable with what the script is doing - but for me, it kept Workspace from launching at boot, and it doesn't seem to prevent me from launching any citrix sessions on demand. 

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