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FSLogix Profile Containers VHDLocations

Campbell Kay


Hi Guys,


we have been using UPM looking to move over to FSlogix Profile Containers.


we currently have seperate folders setup for different departments in our GPO we have the UPM path set to something like the below 




#l# being an AD attribute.


is there anyone to achieve the same thing with FSlogix path? haven't manage to find anything related to this.





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Hi James,


i saw that article.


just dont quiet understand how the group over writes work?


i see you have some GPO settings applying the regkeys, but in your example 


you have ObjectSpecific regkeys, with a user SID i think, i dont understand how that works. do i need a regkey per user? 


in your example the user SID in the file explorer doesn't match wants in GPO, so bit confused where the SID comes from? hopefully that makes sense?




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hi mate


you can specify the group SID - so you can have a different path per Group (based on Group SID) and then anyone in that group that logs on, will write to the directory based on their group membership....the SID you see on the file system is the actual user SID that FSLogix uses in the VHD name :)

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