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Upgrade WebInterface configured in Netscaler

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I have to upgrade 2 x NS with the WI configured in the NS.

I am testing myself on a Lap before doing it live. I have found not much information about this subject, apart from https://support.citrix.com/article/CTX201147.

In this article it refers to upgade the NS and the openJdk file only. Do I not have to upgrade the WI also?.

Which files would I backup before just in case?. What about the certificates?.

Has anyone done that before and can give me some Infos?


I would really appreciate it.



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...well that is the thing, I need to know first of all if it would be possible to upgrade the NS only or if I have to also upgrade the existent WI.

I need to know the options first, before deciding which way to go...which scenarios are possible and which ones not.

that is why I asked in my question if I have to upgrade the openjdk only, in order to upgrade the NS and leave the WI as it is witout upgrading it...


Thanks for answering me!


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