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Citrix virtual apps and desktops 1909 - windows 10 1903 start menu (UPM)

John Meier1709161208


Hi all,


i'm trying to set up a new citrix vdi environment. Everything works fine, exepect the start menu and the desktop background. Everytime i start a session my start menu and desktop background is reset do default. 


  • MS Windows Enterprise 1903 (Build 18362.418)
  • Citrix VDA 19.9.0
  • Profile Management




customized start menu




logoff -> logon





Citrix Studio Policie (for the profile management):


  • Active write back
    • Enabled
  • Active write back registry
    • Enabled
  • Delay before deleting cached profiles
    • 60
  • Delete locally cached profles on logoff
    • Enabled
  • Desktop path
    • \\server.domain.tld\home\%username%\vda\folder_redirect
  • Download path
    • \\server.domain.tld\home\%username%\vda\folder_redirect
  • Documents path
    • \\server.domain.tld\home\%username%\vda\folder_redirect
  • Enable default exclusion list
    • Disabled
  • Enable profile management
    • Enable
  • Exclusion list
    • Disabled
  • Files to synchronize
    • Appdata\Local\Microsoft\Windows\UsrClass.dat*
  • Folders to mirror
    • Appdata\Local\Packages
    • Appdata\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Caches
  • Inclusion list
    • Disabled
  • Local profile conflict handling
    • Rename local profile
  • Path to user store
    • \\server.domain.tld\home\%username%\vda
  • Process logons of local administrators
    • Enabled
  • Redirection settings for Desktop
    • Redirect to the following UNC path
  • Redirection settings for Documents
    • Redirect to the following UNC path
  • Redirection settings for Downloads
    • Redirect to the following UNC path


Log-File (%SystemRoot%\system32\LogFiles\UserProfileManager):


  • please see attachment (domain#vdi_pm.log)


Trying a lot of different settings, nothing works. Also found a lot of recommendations (blog posts, forum threads, ...) but can't get it work. 


Any help is much appreciated.


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