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Sending Video with Secure Mail?

Michael Juergen Moser


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Hi Michael,


It should be possible to send pretty much any file type from Secure Mail, video included. There could be some limits imposed by the mail server though (either at the sender side or at the receiving side) which might prevent some of the larger files from being successfully delivered. Any size limit which might be imposed by a mail server would typically apply to all large files, not just video files. Even if such a size limit were imposed by the mail server, then it should at least still be possible to 'try' to attach a large file to an email and try to send it anyway. If the email really is too large because of the attachment, then the mail server which refuses to handle it should be expected to send back a 'non-delivery receipt' to the message sender.


It's also worth noting the details at https://docs.citrix.com/en-us/citrix-secure-mail/ios-android-features.html#photo-attachment-improvements

I suspect perhaps this is the method being attempted to attach a video. Whilst the Gallery integration is specifically designed to handle pictures, when attaching video files, it should instead be the 'attachment' symbol which is selected (not the gallery symbol).


See the 'note' at the link provided for a screenshot of what to expect when clicking 'attach' (not 'gallery')....


When you tap the Attachments icon, the following options appear:


ShareFile (now, Citrix Files)

From Mail Attachments"



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