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Incompetence at its best

Joao Silva1709161378


Dear Citrix,

Thank you for, once again, messing with how copy/paste works between machines.

It's always great when I have to downgrade after one of your incompetent updates! It really helps my productivity.

Can't understand how it is possible for such a software to have recurring bugs like this one, don't you know what you're doing?

And there's no way to contact Citrix which is very handy in case you develop crap software like these.

Thanks for nothing. Thanks for helping me having the worst remote experience possible.

João M. S. Silva

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Hi Joao,

Sorry to hear you are having an issue with copy/paste. Please note that this function is controlled by the administrator and there is a chance the current policy has changed. Have you contacted your help desk team for assistance? Whoever owns the Citrix environment you are connecting to (your employer?) should have a Citrix support contract they can use to get help from Citrix as needed. 

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As far as I know they don't change that. It's really extremely unlikely that they configure something like that.


But they also don't allow us access to support. So we are trapped here, being subject to whichever bugs are (re)introduced.


If even free and open source software projects have support and bug reporting facilities, why doesn't Citrix paid software have the same?


It makes no sense.

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Citrix has no control over your IT team policies when it comes to user support. You can contact our technical support team directly but you would need to provide an account for which you are an authorized user. Citrix does not offer free technical support. You can use this forum to provide details about your issue if you desire. 

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As I said, my company does not provide that information to me. They don't allow me to have support, don't know why.


It wouldn't be "free support" because my company is paying for this software.


Free and open source software works better that this paid software... It's incredible how volunteers do a better job than paid employees---that may mean something!


Why report? To waste even more time? It's more efficient to just revert it to an older version. The previous version crashed a lot and this one messes up with the copy paste mechanism, something they had solved some versions ago!


I'm offering my time to help debug this (and my time is valuable) but Citrix knows better.

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