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Creating a load balancing server in a new traffic domain (TD 40)

Mudhad Noman

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Hello everyone,

I am trying to create a load blancing server in a new traffic domain, but failing so far.

Here is what I did so far:

1) Created traffic domain 40.

2) Created a VLAN and bonded it to TD 40.

3) Created all server objects and dummy services in TD 40 and bonded them.

4) Created a SNIP within the same subnet as the dummy services.


However, the dummy service status is always down. I tried to create an ARP for SNIP and linked it to NS interface that is connected to CISCO Nexus handling the servers traffic, but the service is still down.


I repeated the process on the default domain, and everything works so fine.


What am I missing here? Is there a document that explains how to configure load balancing in new traffic domains other than the default domain?

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Did you put that snip into TD40?


Consider the Traffic Domain system like the "Flash Earth Multiverse".... anything in a traffic domain is 100% isolated.... and if you have a bit missing (eg no snip in the TD) it's not going to work!


When you look at the service monitor, what error does it show?

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What do you mean by "dummy service"?

If you create dummy services meaning services that don't actually match a real destination ip, then the services are DOWN and therefore the lb vserver using those services are DOWN, because the destination doesn't exist.


The document doesn't contain quite enough resources to help you out.

Use the CLI to show the ns runningconfig for your services and lb vserver for additional information.  that can be pasted directly into the forums.



show ns runnginconfig | grep <lbvsrvname>

show ns runningconfig | grep <svcname>


So the real question becomes is your load balancing not working because of traffic domains, or the load balancing itself.

1) If you're not sure about the traffic domain, try to do traditional load balancing without it so that you can make sure the services/lb vserver is working with the default networking.

2) Then once you've confirmed your settings, the TD should allow services and lb vips that overlap with other traffic domains, to be uniquely seen in the TD. So if its down here, then we can focus on TD networking.


Are you sure you want to use traffic domains for the problem you are trying to solve?  Usually these are less recommended than admin partitions (though admittedly, traffic domains and admin partitions are not 100% equivalent for each other.).  



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