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Netscaler firmware load balancing question

Erwin B. Augusto

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we have 2 Netscalers use for load balancing


Successfully upgraded the firmware ( NS12.1.53.12. ) of the secondary then turn off HA and  Propagation make it as primary (HA and propagation also turned off ). Services are all up and running

We decided to use\test  it for one week, if everything works fine we will upgrade the old PRIMARY ( firmware NS12.1.50.28 now secondary )


unfortunately someone touch the netscalers and put the PRIMARY back to  primary again

the secondary NS ( NS12.1.53.12. ) now set to secondary and all services are down.


my question  is, how can I upgrade the firmware of the PRIMARY?

Should I forcefully failover back again to make the secondary make it  primary again?

then proceed to firmware upgrade of the PRIMARY?


thanks in advance



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